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23 Sep 2016

Pursuit of Happiness

We hold these truths to become self-evident,


That every guys are good quality;

They are endowed by their Creator

With inherent and inalienable rights;

That of these, are life, liberty,

Along with the search for happiness;

That to secure these rights,

Governments are instituted among men,

Deriving their just powers from

The consent of the governed;

Any time any kind of government

Becomes destructive of those ends,

Oahu is the right of the people to improve or

Abolish it, also to institute new government,

Laying its foundation on such principles,

And organizing its powers such form,

About them shall seem almost certainly

To effect their safety and happiness.

Effect - building a desired impression

Power to produce results; efficacy;

Force; validity; influence; accomplish;

Make happen; bring about; bring about;

Purpose or intention; operation or execution.

Not just an illusory fleeting phenomenon.

The quest for happiness requires effort

No government can secure it to suit your needs

Many try and the final results are disastrous

To vow happiness is preposterous

It needs to be pursued from the relentless

Pursue - to follow along with to be able to overtake,

Capture, to attempt to gain; look to attain;

Accomplish; to proceed relative to;

To remain; go on a journey with; capture.

Being fully engaged in this adventure

You need to be devoted and determined

Simply to walk by faith and never be disillusioned

Endure delays, denials, and disappointment

Circumstantial setbacks and rejection

These will test out your capacity to continue

To wholeheartedly pursue and endue

A positive attitude and journey on to

The happiness you greatly dream to

Possess, maintain, employ, and get.

Happiness truly exists and it is no ploy

Neither would it be an amusing, trifle toy

I'm not trying to be trite, or coy

Happiness is considerably valuable

Certainly happiness is most attainable

Much more easy than stuff purchasable

Happiness can be an inside job most doable

Juxtapose you perceive it and reality

Cultivate happiness within continually

As compared to or without you will be thankful

Because happiness is surely an inner quality

Accessible to all equally and pursued freely.


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