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23 Sep 2016


The Declaration of Independence claims that all Americans contain the right from the pursuit of happiness (actual statement is: "We hold these truths to get self-evident, that most men're made the same, that they're endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the quest for Happiness.") as being a God given right, or provided to us through your Creator, whatever that will appear to be for you personally.

Pursuit of Happiness

I believe many people get hung up around the word happiness and in reality possibly place emphasis where it had not been intended. The theory being that you assume there is a to certainly be at liberty and also in turn look for sources outside you to ultimately provide it for you personally. You appear to other people, employment or activities to make you happy. When which doesn't happen or it starts to fade you imagine you're in the incorrect place, with the wrong person, doing the incorrect things.

You begin to complain, get frustrated, and argue, often without resolution. You alter jobs, acquire more training, find different hobbies. Many relationships breakup and people are torn apart simply because you aren't happy and are not for years.

What if you turned that around and viewed it in different ways? Suppose the intention here ended up being to focus on the hunt for happiness and not for the happiness itself? All people have the ability to pursue, to locate and become happy, in whatever form you could possibly choose. What happiness seems like is different for everybody and it's also as much as everyone.

That could mean then that happiness is really a choice. That one could be as happy because you produce a decision being. You have the ability along with the control to generate it. It can be your responsibility. It's not much by what you need to do, as it's about what you provide for it. In other words, the minds you've around it. Interesting idea.

Because i was discussing this with someone near to me, she mentioned the notion that happiness is temporary knowning that Joy is eternal. Now I hadn't looked at that. She said, "You have to experience unhappiness so that you can know true happiness. Whereas joy never leaves, it is always there." Is smart.

So happiness originates from things away from you like off their people, things or good fortune. Joy is one of the inner self. Joy comes from things internal, through the soul or spirit for a moment. Happiness is fleeting, something which only sticks here for quite a while, it is joy that lasts and propels us to do something again. It really is that inner a feeling of contentment, like when a baby is born.

This is the new perspective and it's important since it brings up the purpose of personal responsibility. That you will be accountable for that which you have formulated in your own life knowning that if you're not pleased with an element of it, you can try again. That you can do something different, you can act.

My friend proceeded to say, "So joy is eternal, even during hard times. We have to experience the hard and/or dark times as a way to learn and also be from their website." That it is with the hardships that growth occurs, to make sure a part of your journey. Even when you are feeling down, hopeless or sad often there is a good side or a purpose correctly.

Once you realize this, you might be able to better live your resides in alignment with your priorities and your purpose simply because you know you happen to be extremely powerful beings and you have been in control of your lives plus your happiness. You might be then better suited make choices necessary to build the life you would like.

Why so much interest?

This is very important because if you feel as though you lack the power or control to produce the life you need as well as to modify the change you want to see in your own life that may result in feelings of frustration, anxiety, uncertainty and maybe even going to depression. Then it is that people look to outside sources to make us feel much better, whatever bandaid for wounds. When the better option is to check inside.


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